'Our acts, right and wrong, at Your Court shall come to judgement. Some will be seated near Your seat, Some will forever be kept away. The toils have ended for those that have worshipped You. Nanak says, their faces are lit with joyful radiance and they will set free many others.'
(Guru I, Jap : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

No words can describe Guru Amar Das Jee, He is the deep and everflowing river of love so how can a tiny fish ever describe the limits? If every word on this page was a flower and every letter on the other side was a bright rainbow, if every second you spent reading this was a radiant sunbeam and every one of your breaths was your favourite pop song even that would be nothing compared to being hugged to the chest by Guru Amar Das jee.

If you're life fell apart, your parents died, your house was repossessed, if tears and sadness where your only friends - then Guru Amar Das would open his arms and become your home. If you became the person everyone made fun of, you where the butt of their jokes, if your head hung low and you felt ashamed to call yourself a human being, then Guru Amar Das jee would become your honour - he would lift your head up with his caring hands and you would know you where still special to your Guru jee. If you became terribly sick, if every thought was the fear of death, if you couldn't even lift your own tiny hand off the hospital bed, then Guru Amar Das would become your strength.

Every night Guru Amar Das jee brought water to Guru Angad Dev jee to bathe in. One night he fell and woke some of the neighbours, they didn't care to find out if he was alright and just said 'O it's that old fool Amru - the homeless one'. When Guru Angad Dev jee came to hear of this he was moved immensely and hugged Amar Das and bestowed him with the following title ' You are the honour of the Honourless, You are the Strength of the weak and You are the Home of the Homeless'.


How many raindrops in the clouds above?
How many flowers pour out their love?
How many waves gush forth everyday?
How many stars will shine today?
All these things can be counted, true
But countless are your virtues Amar Das Guru,

The Home of the homeless,
The Strength of the weak,
The Honour of the honourless,
The Protector of the meek:-

Countless are your virtues Amar Das Guru,
Your virtues are only worthy of you.

''The Guru is always with me'
(Guru Arjun Dev jee : Guru Granth Sahib Jee).

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