'I observe neither (Hindu) fasting nor the ritual of the Ramadan (Muslim month of fasting). I serve Him who at the last shall save (me). Gosain (The Hindus Lord of the Creation) and (the Muslims) Allah are one to me. From Hindus and Muslims I have broken free. I neither go on (the Muslims) pligrimage to Kaaba (Mecca) nor do I worship at (Hindu) bathing places. I serve the One sole Lord and no other. I neither perform the Hindu worship nor the Muslim prayer. I bow to the Sole Formless Lord in my heart. We are neither Hindus nor Muslims. '

(page 1136 : Guru Granth Sahib ji)


'O, All good people, sing the Lord's glory'.

(Guru V, Bilawal Raag : Guru Granth Sahib ji)

'Some sang, but their minds did not enjoy, They sang in vain egotism. Those ones really sing who love the Nam and contemplate the True Word'.

(Guru III, Gauri Raag : Guru Granth Sahib ji)

'Whoever believes that his singing bears fruit is honoured in the Court of the Lord.' (Guru IV, Suhi Raag : Guru Granth Sahib ji)

Guru Arjun Dev jee was the most peaceful person, Bhai Gurdas used to serve the Guru jee and tells us an 'endless stream of sacred music flowed from the Guru jee' and the music still flows every time you listen to kirtan or to Paat.

Not a lot of people understand this, but Kirtan is very special and very powerful. Kirtan has a magic effect - it makes the listener feel relaxed and peaceful, but its also a secret pathway. Because if someone follows the teaching then it leads you back to where it came from i.e. first to Guru Nanak Dev jee and to Waheguru jee.

So people who say any of the Guru's are dead don't understand the Guru, because 'Banee Guru, Guru haa Banee ' the Banee is the Guru. No one can kill the Banee - because no-one can destroy the sound : a knife can't cut it and a bullet can't wound it. That's why Guru Granth Sahib jee is the same as all the Guru's before, because the Guru is full of Banee just like all the Gurus.

Enjoy the Guru Arjun Dev jee's martydom day - this was the day the Sikhs turned from just being saints to saint soldiers. Guru HarGobind jee made the Sikhs pick up swords to defend our rights to be peaceful people. And today just think about Guru Arjun Dev jee being with you - all around you an feel the peace and love washing over you.


An endless stream of Kirtan (God's praises) flowed from SatGuru Arjun Dev jee,
peace and happiness showered all that heard the SatGuru jees sacred words:

'Sada sada sada di-al
Simar simar Nanak Bhae Nihal'
(from Sukhmani Sahib)

Waheguru is always, always, always merciful
By remembering and remembering Waheguru,
Satguru Nanak has become happy'

Remember Waheguru jee always and forever and be happy.

Good luck.

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