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The main purpose of the present seva is to help those who do not know how to correctly pronounce Gurbani. Utilising modern technology, a specific portion of a bani can be played and practiced an unlimited number of times. I am sure that Bani Pro will prove to be of immense help to those who are desirous of learning the correct pronunciation of Gurbani and to whom Punjabi is not their native language.

Bani Pro1 includes the five banis of the Sikhs. These are Japji Sahib, Jaap Sahib, Tva Prasaad Svaeeyay, Rehras Sahib and Sohila.

Bani Pro2 also includes five banis of the Sikhs. These are Mool Mantar, Shabad Hazaray, Kabiyo Baach Bayntee Chaupa-ee, Anand Sahib and Ardaas.

The banis in both of these Nitnem CDs are arranged, so that, one can master a certain pauri/stanza by repeating a specific track.

Each CD will be 6.00 plus postage and packing and all proceeds will go towards the numerous projects targeted for the Sikh youth.

UK Postage charge 1.20 for up to 2 CDs

Cheques Payable to "Sikh Spirit"

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Each CD is professionally recorded and produced