'The Word is the Guru: one who gathers its melody in the consciousness is the disciple.'
(Ramkali, M. 1, Siddha Goshti : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

'It is only when the True Guru is merciful that one sees Him. Having wandered through countless births one hears His Word.'

(Asa, M. 1 : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

'It is by dying, through the Guru's Word, while yet alive that the Lord's Name abides in the mind.'

(Sri Raag, M. 3 : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

'The Lord, is immersed in the unstruck Melody of the Word.'
(Asa, M. 1 : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

'Nectar-sweet, O my beloved God, are Your Words. O Beauteous enticer of my heart.' (Devghandhari, M. 5 : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

'How shall we become fearless if we do not fear the Lord and merge in His Word.'
(Sri Raag M. 1 : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

'Nectar-sweet is the speech of my God, my Friend. I have seen with care, His Word is never bitter. The Perfect Master knows not a bitter Word and does not look at my faults.
For, it is His innate nature to purify the sinners and to reward even an iota of virtue.'
(Suhi M. 5, Chhant : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

There's a very,very important concept in Sikhi. When someone understands this concept then they have laid the foundation stone of Guru Nanak Dev jee's house in their heart:

'Banee Guru, Guru ha Banee' - Guru Ram Das jee.

The Banee is the Guru, the Guru is the Banee'

When Great Guru, True Guru, SatGuru Nanak Dev jee was on His missionary tour (Udassi) in Siri Lanka, the king really became attatched to Guru Nanak and couldn't bear to see Satguru jee depart. The king asked how will I be blessed with your holy presence if you leave (i.e. how will I have your vision (Darshan) )? Satguru jee explained to him that Guru Nanak was not the physical body that the king had met. Guru Nanak was the shabad (the word of Waheguru jee). Of course the body was very blessed because it was the Shabad-Guru's outer covering, but the Guru was the shabad ( the Divine teacher is the word of Waheguru). Satguru jee told the king to become attatched to the shabad.

Ultimately a person gets so attatched to the Shabad that they reach a state called 'Shabad-surat da mel'also known as 'liv'. This means when the shabad and you are merged like water merging into the ocean. This is when you hear the unstruck melody and see Waheguru jee's light which brighter than hundreds and thousands of Suns. This is when you return home to Waheguru jee. This is the place from where the Shabd originated and this where it has brought you back.

Guru Gobind Singh jee tells us that the same light shone in all the Gurus. I.e. the shabad was passed from Body number 1 to Body number 2 all the way to Guru Granth Sahib jee. Whenever you read a Shabad, the title has somthing like : Mahala 1, or Mahala 5. Mahala means Body, so Mahala 1 means body number 1 i.e. Guru Nanak Dev jee.

The label of the Shabad is Nanak. In other words Waheguru's word has been stamped with the seal called Nanak. This is why most shabads have Nanak in the last line regardless of which holy body the word came through.

Doing paat in english wont take you back to the source. Just hearing Waheguru jee's shabad, let alone understanding, has a powerful effect on the listener. The person who also understands it and applies it to their life is one in millions and blessed beyond belief.

Gurmukhi (the language of Waheguru jee's shabad) is not very hard to learn, it just takes some effort. No one was born knowing Gurmukhi everyone has to make an effort. Learn Gurmukhi and see it as doing seva of SatGuru jee, as it was Satguru jee who created the Gurmukhi script.


'Why should God's servant, whose forehead the Guru strokes with his hands, grieve or care (worry)?
His comings and goings (re-incarnation into the world of Desire) cease.
He is a sacrifice to the Perfect Guru.'
(Ramkali, M. 5 : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)
Why d'ya go to the Gurdwara, man?
My SatGuru's place is the holy land.
Why d'ya meet the saints at sunrise?
The rays of love shine from their eyes.
Why d'ya wear orange and blue?
These colours were given by SatGuru.
What d'ya say while bowing so low?
Your wonderful glory only you know.
What d'ya say when you mutha-take?
Forgive this sinner, SatGuru so great
Why d'ya walk around SatGuru?
I'm a loving moon of the World-Guru
Why do you fan devotedly?
So all can see Guru is royalty.
Why d'ya stand with hands together?
So Guru jee hears this crying beggar.
Why d'ya listen to the Hukam Nama?
So I learn to become the perfect lover.
What d'ya serve after Kirtan singing?
Karah Prashad is SatGuru's blessing.
Why is it so delicious and sweet?
So I'll be sweet to everyone I meet.
Why d'ya give food to langar?
So my spirit satisfies its hunger
Why d'ya wash the cups and plates?
So my mind is washed of bitter hate.
Why d'ya sweep the dirt and mess?
So my mind is swept of its selfishness.
Why d'ya do all these things?
To win the love of my SatGuru King.
Why don't you just love your wife?
I love her but it lasts one life.
And when she goes the love will break
I want Love that Death can't shake
I want Love that is eternally True
So I serve and sing True Waheguru.


Around and around and around I go,
Hands pressed together and head bowed low,
Singing sweet shabads full of humility,
Walking around my Guru Granth Sahib jee.
My life, my love, my reason for living,
Undying light and the One True King,
Around and around and around I travel
My Creator's mysteries begin to unravel.
Jewels have been found on the seabed
The Moon has a flag white, blue and red.
An X-ray image finds our hidden face,
But no-one has found the Creator of our Race.
The way to our Maker is in Guru Granth Sahib Jee,
The secret path for setting our spirit free,
So why waste time trying to get to Mars?
And drive across America in big, flash cars?
The Undiscovered world is in Guru Granth Sahib jee,
So walk around and around with humility.


'With joined palms, Nanak seeks Refuge, O dear Master, emancipate me.'
(Asa M. 5, Chhant : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

'Be merciful and unite me with Yourself. Bless me with Your Refuge. Please me so that I ever stand in Your Presence with joined palms.'

(Dhanasri Chhant, M. 4 : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

You know you keep asking me to do ardas for you, well I did ardas for you today at the Gurdwara with the sadh sangat. I asked the Guru jee to forgive me & you for insulting the Giani's yesterday by saying 'all they do is eat Karah prashad'. I asked the Guru jee to forgive us like a father forgives his

ignorant children, but then makes them understand.

The reason I asked for forgiveness is that in Sukhmani Sahib, Great Guru Arjun Dev jee says that the Sadh sangat is very dear to the Guru & the Saints are dear to the Guru jee. Then the Guru jee says that anyone who insults these are cursed by AkalPurakh.

It easy to go into the Gurdwara and criticize people, but that is Kalyug (dark, evil thoughts in this Dark-age) distracting our minds from the beauty of the Guru jee and all the people that serve the Guru jee.

And just by looking at the Gianis how can you tell how much Waheguru loves them? So what if they are overweight - does Waheguru only love skinny people?

The Guru jee loves everyone who comes into His Holy prescence and not only bows to Him but to every single person in the Sadh sangat (i.e. bow to them in your mind - beg for the dust of their feet : that's why people do 'joothee-a dee seva' (wiping shoes)) . When you go into sadh sangat and only criticise yourself and beg the Great Guru jee for forgiveness then the Guru jee loves you and guides you.

If you slander the sadh sangat or the sevadars, then you have let your EGO take control of your mind and you don't recive any of the Guru's blessings-no matter how many times you go to the Gurdwara.

When you go to the Gurdwara you should only criticize yourself and treat everyone as better than you. This is how Sikhs please the Guru jee.

You don't like it when Sikhs look down at you, so don't look down at them.

I only realised this recently and am sharing the knowledge with you. My mind always criticizes, but I'm battering it into shape so it only criticizes me. I've been a sikh all my life, but I only found out how to mutha-take last week! First you have to praise the Greatness of the Guru jee 'Baba jee you are

wonderful, you love all and everybody and I am so lucky to come to the Gurdwara and see you'.

Second, you ask for forgiveness for all your mistakes. Thirdly, see the Supreme light of Great Guru Gobind Singh jee infront of you at the throne and you are mutha-taking to Him. He knows what's inside you so what would He say to you? What hukam(command) would he give you? This is how to mutha-take, this is how you talk to the Guru jee and please Him.

And if you want a better job then get the blessings of the Sadh-sangat and the Gianis, serve langar to them and ask them to do ardas for you. The power of the sadh sangat is infinitely more than any individual like me - that's why I go there.

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