'We are great sinners, the sinking stones; be merciful and make us swim across. The poisonous soul (of sins) of ages sticks to us. Lead us on to the Society of the Saints that we are rid of sin just as gold when heated by fire, is rid of its impurities. Let me mediate on You forever and enshrine You in my mind. You are the only cure of my maladies, and it is through You that I'm rid of my ego.'

(Dhanasri, M. 4, Chaupadas : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)


Great Guru, True Guru Har Krishan jee is the dispeller of sorrow.
At the Gurdwara, a happy Baba jee with a shining face, told me how to ask for help.
It really helped me - you may like to try it too :
Go to the Gurdwara, leave behind your ego, worries
and any other thoughts that distract your mind.
Close your eyes and with all your heart talk to sweet child-Guru Har Krishan jee.
Say, dear Guru jee I need your help,
I am a mere worm who is full of faults,
but I place everything infront of you
and beg that you give me Your blessings
and save me from the mess I'm in,
like Your gentle touch saved the dying people from the Cholera epidemic.
Do your simran for a while
and feel the blessings pouring from the Guru Granth Sahib jee into your body
and filling you with warmth and wonder and love.
Then carry on doing your simran whist doing some seva like washing the dishes,
by serving the Guru's sikhs you are wiping your mind clean of ego.
Good Luck.

LACHRYMOSE (the crying one)

''The Lord's seekers cry out in distress for the Lord's Refuge and the Guru-God gives them sanctuary.'

(Bihagra, M. 4 : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

The world is harsh on your innocent soul
Why you suffer only your past lives know,
Guru Har Krishan sings the soothing notes.
Waheguru helps us more than anyone knows
Cry at SatGuru's feet, Lachrymose.


'As the rays of the sun gather again in the sun and the drop mingles with the ocean,
so does the light of a person merge into God's light and the person is fulfilled.'
(Bilawal, M. 5 : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

A fish out of water
I was drowning for years,
the bait of desire trapped me
in the net of my fears,
But the stream of Kirtan
trickled upto my ears,
it lead me back to the Ocean
and dried away my tears.
Smiling now, swimming free,
Guru Har Krishan rescued me.

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