'Through faith the mind and intellect find concentration
and all the stages of enlightenment are revealed to the seeker.'
(Jap : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

'Friend! make the Name firm in the self ; on the Name concentrate your mind.'
(page 504 : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

'O Sheikh(Muslim priest), on the One point concentrate your mind which is wandering on all four sides and blowing all over like the wind. Discard loose talking and realize the Master's Word. Bow to the all-knowing, holy Guru. Burn away desire and greed. Look upon yourself as a guest in this world. By constantly following the Master's Will you will obtain honour at the holy Portal. Nanak says, cursed is the wearing of clothes, cursed the consumption of food of the one who doesn't contemplate the Name.'

(page 646: Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

I don't know about you, but I've been having a hard time doing paat with 100% concentration - my mind's always thinking of a new idea for the classes or how I'll phrase something or the other. This is the last thing I want - this is pure and utter ego-mania. In the good old days doing paat was like Guru jee talking to me -the silly and innocent child. Now doing paat is like Guru jee talking to me- but my mind not listening, it runs away from Guru jee and stands at the classes and makes speeches to the youngsters. This is what Guru Gobind Singh jee warned us of in Vachitr Natak- Waheguru jee gave a little bit of knowledge to Brahma or Mohammed or Ramanada and they forgot Waheguru jee and started preaching their own ideas to people. This is why we must do Ardas and simran in the sadh-sangat. We need to fall down at Guru jee's feet with tears in our eyes and beg Satguru jee hold my arm and pull me out of my ego, I want to do paat thinking only of Your Lotus feet & not thinking of what's happened in the past or what's going to happen in the future. Give me concentration like your great Sikh who meditated on you Guru Har Rai jee while you were in India and he was in Afghanistan. He had such love and devotion that You remained sat in Your throne until he released you. Dhan Sikhi - Wonderful Sikhism!


The important thing is to become humble, love everyone, serve the sangat and sing Waheguru and Paat with love. Like an innocent child who doesn't understand anything and begs the Gur-Pita (Guru - father) for protection and forgiveness for making mistakes.

I searched for answers and answers and answers for years and years, until my head was going to explode with so many controversies. Then by doing simran at amrit vela in the sangat great, great, great Guru jee the knower of all answers said in total humility and love

Gian Dhian Kich Karm na jana sar na jana theree,

Sabh the vada Satguru Nanak jin kal rakhee meeree

' I do not know anything about Divine Knowledge nor about how to meditate nor about doing good actions - O Waheguru jee I don't know your greatness. All I know is that You created Satguru Nanak Dev jee who is the greatest Supreme Being and He has looked after me in this Dark age'

In ardas always explain to Satguru jee that 'I am an innocent, blind child that makes mistakes at every moment, please dear Guru jee you are my father please lead me in the right direction and forgive me'.

When your doing paat or simran, the first thing to say is all day and night I've thinking my own thoughts - now for 20 minutes I'm going to listen to the Guru jee's words and leave my thoughts and questions for afterwards. Don't let worldly thoughts spoil your paat. Just feel the love and warmth of the Supreme Guru.

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