Ramkalee Mahala 5

O man, meditate thou on thy Beloved Lord Master
Remembering the Lords Name, thou shalt remain alive,
and Great Death shall not again devour thee.
Thou hast come after wandering millions of lives;
due to great destiny thou obtained the saints' guild.
Without the Perfect Guru, there is no salvation.
Nanak sayeth this after due deliberation.

By, Guru Arjan Dev Ji

Translated from Dr.Santokh Singh..Shabad Keertan

Poems on Sikhism

By Jaswinder Singh (Toronto, Canada)

These poems are dedicated to the entire world... May the world find within them, the same power and love, selfless sacrifice, humility, fearlessness, and the Will to follow the path of Truth, as was shown by the Guru Gobind Singh and his 4 children. along with the remaining Gurus, the light and spirit of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.


Guru Gobind Singh Ji
Silent Cry
Message to the World
Guru Amar Das Ji
Gift to Humanity

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Guru Gobind Singh Ji

On a maiden day, in Patna,
beneath the radiant sun,
comes forth from the heavens,
a melody just once heard before.

The gods and angels await...
The universe in silence still,
From the will of God Almighty,
comes forth Justice, in splendid form.

The prayers of the saints, the terror stricken poor,
are heard by God, and justice served.
The house of Nanak, the womb of Mata Gujri,
comes forth a child, heavenly adorned...

Radiant is Thy nature,
sacrifice Thy personality,
justice is Thy sword,
God's will Thy obey, in humility.

At nine did Thee send forth,
in a cause for suffering humanity.
Thy father unto his death,
to save Hinduism, from mortality.

Thou art like Guru Arjun Dev,
whom suffered tortures inhumane.
Who praised the Lord All Mighty,
uttering, while being tortured

"Sweet is Thy Will, Oh Lord,
I ask only for Thy Name"...
Who can Thou possibly be,
I know Thee as Guru Gobind Singh Ji...

Guru Gobind Singh Ji,
at the age of play,
Thou arose to the challenge,
not once did Thy fail.

Thou sacrificed all, the baby Princes
at a playful age of 6 and 8.
Thy teen aged Princes, martyred in battle,
for the cause of Sikhi, and freedom of religion.

Thou mother also sacrificed,
upholding Dharma,
Guru Gobind Singh Ji,
supreme are Thy sacrifices.

Great is Thy Victory,
Great is Thy Courage,
Great is Thy Khalsa,
Great is Thy Name.

Bravery if one were to learn,
befitting is Thy name.
Compassion if one were to seek,
knowest Thou one attain.

Love, if ever its true meaning known,
who else be but Thee.
Justice, if ever the world were to learn,
no further then your courts does one have to see.
Guru Gobind Singh Ji,
none in the Three Worlds, can match sword with Thee.
Thy bow is magical, from which arrows of lightening flee.
Thy Eagle, Blue Stallion are themselves heavenly.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji,
Thou art Poetry,
which soothes the minds
of all Thy devotees.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji,
Thy beauty is supreme, fulfilling all hearts.
Guru Gobind Singh Ji,
I have no words, that are befitting Thee.

Guru Gobind Singh, fulfil Thy devotees hearts desire.
Guru Gobind Singh, the True King of kings,
Guru Gobind Singh, the True Servant of those in need.
Guru Gobind Singh, the True Messenger of bliss.

Guru Gobind Singh, the Enlightener of the soul,
Guru Gobind Singh, in whose hands reside God's Treasures,
Give this foolish Jas, the Medicine,
for which my Hearts pains can be remedied.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji, may I forever,
be a sacrifice unto Thee.
Jaswinder Singh (Toronto, Canada).

Dear Friends;
The following is a poem which commemorates the martyrdom of the two younger Princes of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. There names respectively are Baba Zorawar Singh Ji, and Baba Fateh Singh Ji. It is written to be shared with all my brethren, Sikhs, Hindus, Christians, Muslims,etc. Pakistan.

Silent Cry

The story told by a voice mystical,
to a child young for the very first time...
The air about him had a choking sensation,
he could only gasp a longing undescribable...

His heart pained his soul cried,
to no avail, for deafness was in the skies...
His mind envisioned the beauty of such,
the martyrdom of two princes
whose valour he could only think of.

He recalls that magical day,
in "Sirhind" did his heart lay...
His silence broken as the wind blew,
as if indicating a longing to be fulfilled.

He looked up,
the sun shined strong,
but he felt in his Heart,
that something was wrong...

He remembers the tale vividly clear,
two young princes, appearing before "Baizid Khan".
Their stride elegant, their beauty pure,
as 'lions' did they enter their battle field.

His ears remember, a melody of steel,
The two Lions roared into battle,
in a salute on hearing, the enemy crumbled...
Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa! Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!...

Baizid Khan the Governor of Sirhind, startled...
Could not believe his eyes.
Two young playful aged Princes,
stood before him fearlessly tall.

Baizid Khan tried all tactics,
to convert the young Princes to Islam,

" Accept Islam!, he said,
the riches of the world will be thine,
the beautiful maidens will be thine,
you will live a life, of bliss for all time"...

Did speak the princes to Baizid Khan,

" We the Sons of a Lion,
His name thou know as Guru Gobind Singh Ji,
We the grandsons of selfless sacrifice,
His name thou know as Guru Teg Bahadur Ji,

We the great grandsons of a saint and soldier,
The ordainer of Miri-Piri, know Thee him as Guru Hargobind
We the great great grandsons of a Martyr, of Divine Love
Thou knowest him as Guru Arjun Dev Ji.

The eyes of Guru Nanak, speaketh to thee Baizid Khan,
we do not prize this materialistic world...
Our Khalsa is our Life, it is the will of the Lord,
Thou do what thy please, we accept not Islam,
for we are the Sons of Khalsa, Guru Gobind Singh Ji."

He recalls such valour,
the amazement of the people in attendance,
they could not believe what they saw,
two Princes aged 6 and 8,
fearlessly confronting, Baizid Khan...

After all efforts failed Baizid Khan...
Did speak, Diwan Sucha Nand,
a Hindu by faith, a devil at heart...
He spoke a curse,
that went against all teachings,
of this, only God knew of ...

Sucha Nanda spoke...
" Baizid Khan,
The serpent (Guru Gobind Singh Ji) we see,
has caused thee much trouble,
and he is but only one...
The young serpents of such poison,
if thee let live,
will one day cause such upheaval
the world has not seen of..."

The Quazi spoke,
" Baizid Khan...
The two you see before thee,
are a determent to Islam,
it is thy duty to fulfil.
I order the sentence,
that they should be executed at once..."

He recalls,
the cheerful look,
the smile,
on the faces of the two young Princes...
They spoke...
The court
and those in attendance,
looked on in awe...

" Quazi! Is that all you can do?!,
We fear not death,
We keep it with us, wherever we go...
Quazi, commence thy sentence at once!"

He recalls the poetic picture,
of such, he can not describe...
The two princes standing tall,
amongst a wall of blood-thirsting-bricks.
A house of Khalsa, he saw being built,
the foundation supported by sacrifice,
He saw the blood of such fragrance,
the wind within forever carries with time...

He remembers such bravery,
The brick at the knee of the prince was to be placed.
The brick layer saw that the prince's flesh was in the way,
so he broke a brick to bypass the flesh.

To such did speak,
with such valour prince Zorawar Singh.

"Thou art building the house of the Khalsa,
what are thy doing?!.
The foundation must be fully completed.
Remove the flesh that is in thy way,
for the house of the Khalsa
must be of unbroken bricks." His spine shivered,
when such words were spoken,
Only then...
did he understand, the glory of this sacrifice.

He looked up into the now dying sun,
He knew now that the heavens were still...
The two Princes that God had ordained,
had gone back to their Godly domain.

Of such sacrifice did he witness,
Of which will never be surpassed ever again,
may God be witness to such a claim...

Mata Gujri and Guru Teg Bahadur Ji, parents of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.
The sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, respectively from eldest to smallest;
Baba Ajit Singh, Baba Jujhar Singh, Baba Zorawar Singh and Baba Fateh Singh.

The fifth Guru, Guru Arjan Dev Ji who spoke those words of great humility
while being tortured... (by being seated on steel plates, having hot sand
being poured on his naked-body, by being boiled alive in cauldron of oil and
water), saying those heart-breaking words.

Words which ring in the hearts of all Sikhs and those who have once heard them.

"Sweet it thy Will O Lord, I ask only for Thy Name"..

Have shown this world the supreme sacrifice of a family. Which did not for a moment lose faith in Gods Will, and never for a second departed from the path of Righteousness. May we endeavour to do the same.

I dedicate this poem to the entire world, that may we learn from such bravery, may we learn from such Human Love, may we live as one big family, and forever honour the religions and traditions of humankind, all born to but One God.

Sri Guru Amar Das Ji 1479-1574

Thy at old age, O Amar Das
showed the world its never to late.
To come into the folds of righteousness,
and reach the ultimate state of salvation.

Humility was thy bowl of virtues,
self-sacrifice was thy emblem till death.
As you served the house of Guru Nanak,
thou became as pure as the Guru Himself.

The Guru's word thou forever sang,
in obedience did thee serve Him.
When pleasing did thou become to Him,(Guru Angad, 2nd Nanak)
He blessed thee as the third Nanak.

When such illumination exalted thy heart,
as the light of Nanak filled thy body.
Thou wrote in bliss, God's divine words,
a Hymn forever, bringing eternal bliss.

Searching (Guru Nanak Dev Ji)...

My heart's in darkness, my mind is soiled
my soul's forgotten, its voice unheared.
The sun and moon no longer brightly shine,
the stars distant, live isolated and lost.

The world, my friends, my family and I
search for answers to enlighten our lives.
Tempted by society, disillusioned am I
The Truth my curse, brings my ego pain.

The guilt, the knowledge of my many sins
I fear, leave forgotten, reality don't face.
I hide in darkness, shattered life I live.
The Truth can't face, too difficult it is.

When will I answer the call of my soul?
The Truth, my support, my livelihood.
Oh Nanak, Jas begs, enlightenment I seek
ferry me across this ocean drowning me.

Give me the Truth, my mind wash clean
bathe heart in love, my soul please free.
Oh Nanak, Jas begs the key to unlock maya' chains
your shabad, mind enlightens, soul freedom attains.

(shabad=Naam ie, divine utterance)

Gift To Humanity!

The clouds give way to the morning sun,
bringing warmth, life, to the silent night.
Birds dance, sing God's praises in love,
a heavenly beauty I witness, nature in rhyme.

The gentle breeze of winter brings hope and peace
from far come angels, to see God' gift to humanity.
The heavens explode to sounds of steel on steel,
Chariots gather, trumphets sound Truth to the battle field.

A cry of a babe brings joys, bliss to his mother,
the plants, animals and people, listen on in pleasure.
The wind feathered his cry, announcing the birth of justice
those on whom mercy showed, they saw his true complexion.

Who can Thy be? my mind ignorant! understand not Thy greatness?
Heart in Maya sleeps, loves Mammon, feels not Thy nature!
Thy wisdom my soul save, Thy teachings enlighten my mind,
Jas begs today, my heart save, my love Guru Gobind Singh.

Jaswinder Singh. (Jas) Dec,23,95.

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