Visualise our Great Guru Gobind Singh jee:

'With the Khanda (mighty double edged sword) in His hand and the royal plume on His head,

The King of all 14 worlds, Guru Kalgi-dhar, has protected me.'

(Guru Kalgi-dhar is an affectionate name for Guru Gobind Singh jee, and means the Guru with the Royal plume in His turban : the Guru wears the plume, not the disciple).

'The help from Waheguru jee is Guru Gobind Singh jee.

The king of this world and the next world is Guru Gobind Singh jee.

The victor with the sword is Guru Gobind Singh jee,

The knower of your heart is Guru Gobind Singh jee'

'With the eagle perched in one hand and the horses reigns in the other,

His mission was extremely great in a life that was quickly over'

Now you should have a picture of Guru Gobind Singh jee in your mind. Try and feel the waves of love and warmth and protective energy rippling outwards from Satguru jee and pouring over you.

Satguru jee loved saints and innocent people so much that He sacrificed everything for their honour. Satguru jee sings with all His heart:

'Khalsa meree jan kee jan'

the Khalsa is the very life of my life

: i.e. the Khalsa is my reason for living.

To the Khalsa Satguru jee gives everything, Satguru jee loves His Khalsa more than He loves his own life.

'Jab lag Khalsa ra-hi niara, Tab lag tej dee-o ma sara'

'As long as the Khalsa remain distinct, so long I'll give them all my light'

So why do people make execuses for not being initiated by the nectar of amrit? Why are the sikhs so scared of Guru Gobind Singh jee? Why are they so petrified of becoming the perfect Saint-Soldier, part of the pure Khalsa?

C o n t e n t s

Fighting Spirit

Ranjeet Nagara (Battlefield Victory Drum)

The Master's Sons

Mountain of a Man

In Honor of the Khalsa


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'The brave one fights for the down-trodden.' (Kabir, Salok : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

'Only the brave die a worthy death, they are accepted by the Lord after death.'

(Guru I Vadhans Raag : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

'Brave in this world is the one who is coloured by the dye of Nam.'

(Guru V, Jaitsari Raag : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

'Nanak says, the bravest of the brave is the one who has overcome inner ego.'

(Guru III, Salok : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

After Guru Gobind Singh jee, in the 18th Century, the Khalsa had a price on their head in their own homeland of Punjab. They were forced to live on the run in jungles. But, they never shirked their responsibility - they were the police force, they were law and justice - they were God's Army blessed by Guru Gobind Singh jee.

Awesome Warriors that pounce like panthers,

On mighty battle-horses against Moghul Forces,

An invisible breeze through the Jungle trees

Roar like thunder : God's Army - Perfect Khalsa!

Khalsa spy in orange, blue and black,

Camouflaged he follows the Moghuls' track,

Crawling under bushes like a venomous snake,

Perching like a hawk by the side of their Lake,

Hidden in a rock-cave small and compact,

It'll soon be time, time to attack!

Around the lake like a poisonous snake,

Towards the tents of the Mullah and the Sheik,

Slips by the guards on his silent feet,

Sings Waheguru with each heartbeat,

Quick look left and a sharp look back,

It'll soon be time, time to attack!

Eagle-eyed he finds the Punjabi pearls,

Kidnapped sisters are now slave-girls,

Chained together inside a dirty tent,

Soon to be owned by a Muslim 'gent',

In Afganastan she'll be up for sale,

To be wife number 4 of a Muslim male,

In his religion it's a virtuous thing,

To make a Sikh animal into a Muslim.

Khalsa spy quickly scuttles around

Sketching a map of the enemies ground,

He disappears like a passing breeze

Moghuls think it's just rustling leaves,

By Guru Gobind Singh's grace he'll be back,

Back when it's time, time to attack!

Mighty Moghul's fought long and hard today

Against innocent farmers stacking their hay,

Majestic Moghuls say its good for their soul

To slay parents and watch their children groan.

The village was eaten by a monster 's desire

The wild orange animal of the Moghuls' fire.

Handsome Moghuls were so brave and strong,

They raped young girls - it didn't seem wrong.

After a hard days work they sleep nice and warm,

Unaware of the rising Khalsa storm .

Inside the tent where the prisoners are kept,

Beside the sisters who've wept and wept,

Stands Princess Kaur with a saintly face

With her eyes closed in a spiritual place,

'Guru jee we are your innocent children,

Merciful Master grant us freedom,

Save us from this sordid mess,

O Perfect Protector of the Powerless,

Honour and cherish Your daughter's right

O Ocean of Love and Unknowable Light,

Bless us with Waheguru's Naam and might,

Break our chains, make us stand and fight,

Invincible Power no one knows your limit,

Bless us now with Your Fighting Spirit!.

The Moghuls' yawn at the crack of dawn,

Their blood stained clothes are still battle-torn,

They pray a little if they pray at all,

Swearing and pushing they walk real tall,

They reak of B.O. and have stinking breath,

But's that wont be enough to scare away Death!

The Khalsa storm is almost upon their land,

The Goddess of Death is in the Khalsa's hand,

Guru Gobind Singh jee no one knows Your limit,

The Khalsa is blessed with Your Fighting Spirit!

The Khalsa is beautiful, the Khalsa is bright,

The Khalsa protects and does what's right,

Looking like mountains, roaring like thunder,

Riding on the wind singing God of Wonder!

Across the rivers and through the valleys,

Chasing the Moghuls like a swarm of bees,

Khalsa spy made them a lovely map,

The Moghuls will fall into a deadly trap.

Hiding in the jungle by the well-walked track,

Waiting for the time, time to attack!

Bahadur Singh, big , brave and strong

Leads 4 Khalsa singing the Naam song,

Riding into the middle of the track,

Infront of the marching Moghul pack.

The Moghuls dogs chase the Khalsa rabbit,

The 5 Singhs ride full of the Fighting Spirit,

Each one disappears into deep dark places,

The Moghuls are surrounded by Khalsa faces!

No place to run now, no place to hide,

Goddess of Death slashes Moghul pride,

Smashed falling heads land with a thud

The jungle ground soaks up their blood,

The Moghuls lived by their sinning culture,

They're only good for a hungry vulture!

Sweet Princess Kaur with her saintly face,

Thanks Guru jee for his merciful grace,

Guru Gobind Singh jee no one knows Your limit,

The Khalsa is blessed with Your Fighting Spirit!


RANJEET NAGARA (Battlefield-Victory Drum)

'I am the Warrior of God. Meeting with the Guru the plume of my headgear flutters. The audience has assembled and the Creator Himself watches me (wrestle). The bugles shriek, the Drums are played, the Wrestlers (5 passions) have entered into the tournament and circle about. See, how the five rage (about) while I defeat and humiliate them, for (I have) the Guru's Hand (blessing) behind me.' (Sri Raag M. 5 : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

The War Drum, six foot wide, 5 foot high and a mighty wooden base. Played by the Khalsa Army during daily Gatka training at Anandpur and in battles. The Hill Raja's used to bang their war drums as a symbol of power. If any one banged the war drums it meant they were challenging the ruling King to War. Guru Gobind Singh jee did not live in fear of these rules imposed by his neighbouring Hill Raja's, So the Khalsa used to bang the war drums every day - the name of this drum was Ran-jeet Nagara (i.e. Battlefield-Victory Drum). Ranjeet Nagara would inspire the Khalsa everyday - however this could not be said for the Hill Raja's who could never be sure if the Guru was declaring War! The Guru was keeping them on their toes - making sure that they treated their subjects well, else there would be trouble - and there often was:-

Out comes the morning sun

Woken by the Khalsa drum:



Booming through space and sea

Banging fear into the enemy.

The Guru King's Masterplan

Unites each woman, child and man

To love One God - to make a stand

To raise the sword in their hand!

The day is here, I hear the drum

The wicked Tyrant will be done:



Quaking fear into their head

Shaking tyranny 'til it's dead!

Truth and Tyranny stand face to face

The Khalsa has the Guru's grace

The Khalsa hawks take to the sky

The Khalsa Flags are flying high!

The time is now, I hear the drum

The battlecries have now begun:

Speak be Happy : God is True!

Speak be Happy : God is True!:


Khalsa rides the sweeping wind

Headlong to the ones who've sinned



Clashing smashing mighty swords

Flashing arrows fly like birds!

Louder now I hear the drum

The battle will soon be won:



The enemy runs to retreat

Waheguru caused their defeat!

The day is over, the war is won

The battle cheers have now begun:

The Khalsa fights for Waheguru

The Victory is for Waheguru:



Khalsa spirits soar to the sky

Khalsa Flags are flying high!



Booming through space and sea

Banging fear into the enemy.



Hello is for non-Sikhs - Sons of Guru Gobind Singh jee say


I'm really glad that we always greet each other with Fateh! This is a gift from Guru Gobind Singh jee plus we say Waheguru twice.

Have you ever read the pictures on the langar hall wall at Singh Sabha Gurdwara? If you have you'll see that when the 2 younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh jee were called infront of the Moghul King, they were surrounded by thousands of muslims but the sons Baba Fateh Singh jee (6 yrs old) and Baba Jorawar Singh jee (8 yrs old) were not scared and raised their arms and shouted 'Waheguru jee ka khalsa, Waheguru jee kee fateh!' They were the Khalsa and they were saying We belong to Waheguru and that is Waheguru's victory. The King offered them mansions and a life of luxury. but they said they'd rather be 'Waheguru jee ka Khalsa' rather than become muslims.

So Mr. Singh always say


because you are a Singh of Guru Gobind Singh jee just like His sons.



'If the Lord grants power to a mere ant then she can destroy countless many.'

(Gauri Sukhmani M. 5 - Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

When you're old and grey do you want to be hobbling along with a walking stick, no teeth of your own and to have been carrying a sack load of ailments for the last 40 years; or do you want to be a fearless warrior with a victorious attitude and Guru Gobind Singh jee's blessings making you into a mountain of a man like Baba Deep Singh jee? Choose your path right now, it will be too late when you're old and grey!

Long flowing beard as white as snow

Battle clothes bluer than the river flow

Face shining more than the sun we know

Waheguru's light gives him this glow.

Riding in front of the Khalsa Army

On a mission to uproot the evil enemy

How dare the Muslims invade this place

The Golden Temple is not their base.

Baba Deep Singh ji:

Roars like a quake - makes the planet shake

The empire of evil is about to break

Rides like the wind against those who've sinned

The Storm of justice is about to begin.

Furious and frightening his grip is tightening

Around the Khanda - sharp as lightening

Strikes the Khanda with a crack of thunder

Blessed by the power of the God of Wonder.

2 miles before the Golden Temple trouble

His head is chopped off in a mighty struggle

Miracle of miracles he gets up to fight

The body is dead - the spirit still has might!

He promised Guru jee to reach the holy land

Now he fights holding his head in his hand

Running out time he throws his precious head

Guru jee carries it to the Golden temple instead.

Long flowing beard as white as snow

Battle turban bluer than the river flow.

Face shining more than the sun we know

Waheguru's light gives him this glow.

The Perfect Saint Soldier saved the holy land

Fearless he stood - mountain of a man

I will never forget Baba Deep Singh jee

The perfect follower of Guru Gobind Singh jee.



Just as the Willow tree is huge and overpowering with it's roots planted firmly in solid ground. Just as the branches overhang and overlook all the creatures for miles around, protecting them from the scorching sun. So in the same way, each single Khalsa saint-soldier of Guru Gobind Singh jee has their spirit firmly rooted in Waheguru jee and gives shelter and protection to all creatures near and far. While the Khalsa looks so mighty and overpowering like the Willow tree, in reality they are full of love and humility just like the branches of the Willow tree bend downwards to touch the feet of the Creator.

Just as an expectant mother knits little booties with great love and devotion for when her darling child is born, so in the same way Waheguru jee created all the flowers and plants, all the suns and moons and stars and heavens for His perfect child, His pride and joy, His perfect Army : the Pure Khalsa.


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