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Feels Like Heaven
The Game of Love
Love Never Dies
True Love
Lotus Words
Dear Guru Nanak
Man Overboard!
Man Made

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Feels Like Heaven

'One who meditates within and without on the Lord's Name with love, receives Instruction from the Perfect Guru and abides with the holy ones, is saved from hell.
Hell is not for the one whose body and mind are permeated through with the Lord's Name.'
(Gauri Bavan Akhri, M. 5 : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

'One who sings (with love) the Praise of the Lord for an instant,
rises to all the heavens and is delivered and released.'
(Ashtapadi Gauri Sukhmani, M. 5 : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

Dear friend, close your eyes and imagine you have been transported to KartarPur, Punjab in about the year 1630. Look around and you see beautiful fields of golden wheat, on the horizon you see trees and behind the trees you see a beautiful sunset. Karta Purakh (The Creator) is performing His magic, birds are singing Waheguru's praises the whole world is being showered with blessings pouring down with the rays of the sun.

Now breathe in the fresh air and feel yourself being re-juvinated with Waheguru jee's energy. Look at yourself you've done a hard days work with the Sikhs in the fields and now is the moment you've been waiting for . . . you've come into the sadh sangat (Society of the Saints). You've put on your best Kurta Pyjama, you've spent some of your hard earned money on some flour and milk for langar and your in the queue waitng to Mutha-take (bow) to the greatest, sweetest, kindest Being in the history of Creation. Your so exited and full of awe and wonder that the only thought that repeats itself again and again is Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful Waheguru for bringing a fool and a sinner like me into the presence of Great Guru, True Guru SatGuru Nanak Dev Jee.

You mutha-take and place your forehead on Guru Nanak's feet and in your mind's eye you see all the Bhagats and saints, holy men and Hindu gods and godesses singing Guru Nanak's praises. Then you sit down with the Sangat and close your eyes, and start wondering how a fool and a sinner like me can ever meet my Maker, then you think some kind of special ladder is need for you to climb. All of a sudden you hear the sweetest, purest melodies rushing into your ears - Guru Nanak Dev jee and Bhai Mardana jee have started kirtan. You realise Kirtan is the special ladder, the far end is with Waheguru jee and the near end is entering your ears.

You don't understand everything that is said, but you feel Baba Nanak's words (Bani) is extremely wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Waheguru so you do your simran just to say thanks to your Maker for showing you the ladder. And everytime you say Waheguru - you see yourself like a child mutha-taking at Waheguru's feet. Above your head Guru Nanak hold's up His hand to block out Kalyug (Dark evil thoughts in this Dark-Age). While the Guru's hand gives you shade and protection you carry on thanking Waheguru jee again and again.

Waheguru jee fills you with love and light and energy and peace, at last you've come home to meet your Maker. When you open your eyes your batteries are recharged, the world is a wonderful place, everyone is your friend, whatever happens you know SatGuru jee is looking after you and Waheguru is your Wonderful friend.

Satguru Granth Sahib jee is Satguru Nanak Dev jee - the same light shines inside. Don't let Kalyug trick you into having doubts or seeing negative things. When a Saint comes to town, everyone packs the Gurdwara . . . well listen to this : My wonderful Friend True Guru Nanak Dev jee has come to town and the more we have His darshan (divine vision) the more anand (divine bliss) we feel.

Go to the Gurdwara and only see Guru Nanak Dev jee's Supreme Love-Light sitting on His Royal Throne. Fill with wonder and see how your life blooms and blossoms with the water of the Guru's blessings.



'If you desire to play the game of love,
then bring me your head on the palm of your hand,
Having stepped on this path,
give your head and pay no heed to public attention'
(Guru Nanak Dev jee : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

In the silvery fields by the river-tree
the moon and the stars bowed reverently,
To the songbird Guru singing words from Above,
His heart overflowing with the nectar of love.

The forest flowers yearned to hear the tune,
opening their hearts they offered perfume,
The wind took the scent to the royal seat
And kissed the dust of the Guru's feet.

Then standing humbly with palms together,
The wind spoke sweetly 'O King Forever:
I was the Hurricane causing stormy seas,
But your love changed me into a summer breeze.'

'Infront of you I fall to my knees,
You are my world and the seven seas
My eagle-heart leapt from the mountain trees
Night and day searching for your honey bees'.

'In the garden I found them serving you,
they buzzed all day singing Waheguru,
By Your kind grace they became pure and true,
Serving your flowers I bring the scent to you'.

And the Guru King sung God's command,
'Bring your head on the palm of your hand,
Step onto my path and don't look back,
Else your vultcher friends will attack'.

Tears streaming down the wind began to say,
'I have no other home or place to stay,
The world is temporary only You are True,
So I desire to play this game with You'

The Guru King hugged him to His chest,
The brave young wind had passed the test,
Five beloved Bees prepared amrit-honey
For the wind to begin his fantastic journey.

The wind soared up to a record height,
And revelled in pure and utter delight
Now controlled by the Guru King like a kite,
And protected forever by the Guru's might.



'I met with the Guru by great, good fortune. He is Unfathomable and Infinite.
Holding me by the hand he pulled me out of the world's sea of poison.
Through the Guru's Word, I was rid of recurring births and deaths.
I will not pass through the gate of pain (reincarnation) again.'
(Todi, M. 5 : Guru Granth Sahib jee)

Guru Nanak is in the stars and skies,
Guru Nanak's love light never dies.

Guru Nanak's in the rivers and seas,
Guru Nanak's in the grass and trees.

Guru Nanak hears each being's cries,
Guru Nanak's love light never dies.

Guru Nanak's in the desert and dune,
Guru Nanak's the Shabad Kirtan tune.

Guru Nanak's in the sun and moon,
Guru Nanak's with me night and noon.

Guru Nanak's in my heart and soul,
Guru Nanak's vision is my greatest goal.

Guru Nanak's Naam is in every breath,
Guru Nanak's Amrit destroys death.

Guru Nanak's hand is above my hair,
Guru Nanak protects me everywhere.

Guru Nanak's in each beating heart,
Guru Nanak's the dawn after dark.

Guru Nanak's the light of my life,
Guru Nanak's my Father higher than high.

Guru Nanak is Guru Granth Sahib jee,
Guru Nanak's in our lives eternally.

Guru Nanak is my very best friend,
I bow to Guru Nanak again and again.



'Kabir says, I am His slave-dog and my name is Moti.
There is a string around my neck and wherever He pulls, I go.'
(Kabirji, Shlokas : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

If your true love loved you as you desired
and filled your heart with warmth and wonder
with even the slightest glance,
Would you not then sell your soul
and serve and sing a happy song
and like a faithful dog
never leave your master's home ?
Guru Nanak loves me and I'll serve
with all my heart and sing Waheguru's praises
and like a faithful dog, pray that
my Master always keeps me in His home.



'If we believe in the Word we find the Guru and lose our ego.'
(Guru III, Sri Raag : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

From the heavy darkness came the heavenly sunrise
Warm and wonderful love painted the sky,
Invincible and soft, Truth's rays pierced into my life
When Guru Nanak gave me the Name, higher than high.
Absorbed in your Lotus words
You sing beauty to me,
You are as happy as the flower
and I as the bee.



'Leave your stubbornness, serve the saints and have faith in their word.'
(Guru V, Gauri Raag : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

I was to proud to fall to Your feet,
I was a liar and I was a cheat,
My faith shook like an autumn leaf,
O Guru Nanak forgive me for my mind is weak,
My time has come and now I weep.
I didn't see this was Waheguru's wonderful play,
I didn't see I was merely acting as He'd say,
To some ,Guru Nanak, You revealed this game
And bestowed the gift of His Name
The Divine Light beamed from their face
O Guru Nanak You give endlessly, give me faith.



'Cherish the Lotus-feet of the Guru in your mind and your body will be free of all pain and grief. The True Guru saves the drowning creatures from the sea of (material) existence and unites those separated for countless births. Serve the Guru always and forever more, then you earn poise and bliss and your mind is calmed. By great, good fortune, one attains the dust of the Guru's Feet. Nanak is a sacrifice to the Guru.'

(Suhi, M. 5 : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

The secret, silent ship sails the firey sea,
Each and every moment it sails right past me.
The Captain throws the lifejacket with a hearty shout
But, I don't believe it's true so I drown in my doubt.
Guru Nanak is the Captain of this ship,
He always gives His feet for me to take a grip.
But, I'm a bigheaded fool, chasing my desire
For sex and loadsa'money, so I sink into the fire.
I go to the Gurdwara and I do bow with respect,
Yes, but you pray for more money and think about sex.
If you really want to climb up aboard the ship's deck,
Then throw off that weight from around your skinny neck.
Place your forehead at your Guru's Lotus feet,
Say 'Dear Nanak I accept total and utter defeat,
Body, mind and wealth I dedicate all to you,
Place your hand above my head and protect me Guru'.
Bowing with your mind, hold the feet of your Guru,
By singing with your heart : I love you Waheguru.
Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru
And climb aboard the ship that has rescued you.
Guru Nanak is the Captain of Waheguru's ship,
Always hold His Lotus feet with an extra strong grip.
For if you lose concentration with a new desire
Then you'll be a man overboard back in the Ocean of fire.
Each and every moment the Ship sails past you,
You can climb aboard or you can worry as you do.



'We are the children of the same One Father; You are my Great Lord!'
(Guru V, Sorath Raag : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)
'All creation are females, the Lord is the sole Male.'
(page 983 : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)
'Only fools and idiots try to supress others.'
(Guru I, BASANT RAAG : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

Are Whites better than Blacks?
Are Men better than Women?
Are Muslims humbler than Jews?
Do Christians love more than Sikhs?
Man made labels to make himself great,
But, Waheguru loves all without any hate.
What colour is the wind?
What caste is the ocean?
Do the rich own love?
What sex is the Sun?
Man made divisions to be better than another,
Wahguru is Our Father we are sister and brother.
Guru Nanak Dev jee steeped in humilty
Brought this message to humanity:
'There are neither
nor Hindus',
man made labelling
is not how
God will choose.
Waheguru jee weighs our humility
not our caste, colour or nationality.

'One who is blessed with humility, by the Lord's Grace,
obtains deliverance in this world and peace hereafter.'
(Gauri Sukhmani M. 5 : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)


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