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Mortal Freedom


Why do you choose to wander when the paths have been cleared
By the mortal blades of a thousand warriors?

Why do you choose to suffer when the veils of ignorance
Have been swept away by the winds of his praises?

Why do you choose to desire when the five pillagers
Have been exposed by mirrors of purity?

You may do as it pleases you my friend
Until the day dawns when you no longer

Have the power to choose anything
Except to wander, suffer and desire


The True Senses

Deafen me, so I can hear only your words
And the world's noises fade
From my mind and from my soul
Let inner peace and truth be made

Blind me, let me see only your light
And not the flickers which blind
And disturb my finite youth
Mixing my feeling, clouding my mind

Destroy the part of me which doubts
And tries cleverly to find the ways
To rewrite your sacred words
In difficult moments of the day.

PeaPeacece in the Midst of Pain
Peace in the Midst of Pain

 Pain is the greatest cure
drink it, open your eyes
to look within yourself
see past the filth and lies

Pain does not hurt the soul
not one mark can be seen
Only the ego is tender
where the blow has been

Joy is the reward
For walking on her side
Little do you realise
you are bound and tied

Joy conceals the pain
although it feels the prize
Once the truth emerges
you'll be forever wise


Secret Garden

 Oh mind, wander like a child
Into that secret Garden of Grace
Pick the flowers of knowledge
The eternal reminders of this place

Oh mind, run like a child
Towards her loving arms
Feel the warmth of her embrace
As the petals rest in your palms

Oh mind, play like a child
With that friend so true
Inhale the sacred scent
As the fragrance diffuses through

Oh mind, laugh like a child
From deep within your heart
Rejoice in your new found love
Those flowers will never depart

Oh mind, sleep like a child
To the lullaby of the night
Dream of that day
You wandered into the light

Care not...
Care not

Care not for that arrangement
of flesh and bone
but rather for that companion
with whom you share your home.

Indulge not in those pleasures
that your senses plead
but rather obtain the key
with which you will be freed.

Lament not for those friends
who left footsteps in your heart
but rather follow the path
which was left for you to start.


Desire not that wretched life
of lust and gold
but rather beg for the company
unto whom truth was sold.


Cry not for that mortal soul
who refuses the love you give
but rather shed a tear
for the life of separation you live.





In a world of broken dreams
I can hear your sacred name
In a house of broken dreams
It eradicates the pain

Within these dungeon walls
It delivers fresh hope
Within this deluded mind
The snake is merely a rope

Amongst those who lack hope
It rises way up high
Amongst those wanting answers
It provides the reasons why


Cup of Nectar

Bathe in the shower of Grace
Lets the fires burn out
Lets only ashes remain
Where once there was such doubt

Drink from the cup of Nectar
Let the tongue taste the sweet
Let the thirst remain in the past
Where bitterness once took a seat


Filled belly

I forgot the Lord today
Filled my belly instead
Let the five come out to play
Made sure each one was fed

My old trusted friends
Helped me to forget
There is plenty of time
To clear that mountain of debt

Visions flashed before my eyes
Slander filled each ear
The tongue revelled in all the tastes
What in this life is there to fear?

Happiness filled the air
Such pleasures to behold
No need to savour each one
Plenty more yet to unfold....

My friends forgot me today
No more gifts at the door
They deserted me at once
Our friendship is no more

I forgot my friends today
Instead I looked deep inside
Where my true companion sits
Forever waiting at my side


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