'The (Guru) tracker has tracked the path for the (Sikh) hunter to follow . . .

the day and time for the union (of my soul and the Supreme Soul) is set' (Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

I want to be an explorer like Indiana Jones, a rough and tough adventurer in exotic terrain overcoming impossible obstacles in search of the exclusive treasure that only a few rare ones have seen.

But, what treasure is left? They've all been discovered. I mean, man has reached the moon and walked on the bottom of the sea, man has conquored Mount Everest and walked through the burning heat of the driest deserts to discover ancient underground cities.

I want to discover such a beautiful treasure that each and everytime I looked at it would fill my whole being with magic and wonder, with love and warmth. I want a fantastic treasure that no-one could steal, that no-one could destroy and that would never deteriate with the ravages of time. I want a priceless treasure that I could take with me when I left my earthly body. Is there such a treasure left unearthed in any corner of the world? I beg for some blessed being to come and tell me that there is and to give me the treasure map. I would keep it close to my heart and never take my eyes off it - not even for a moment. I would sell myself to such a perfect being so that I could have this map. I would have the burning ambition of a moth to find this place of beautiful light and would never rest until I held this treasure in my very own hands. I would search for it even if it seemed as impossible as the moth flying to the full moon, because without this treasure life would not be worth living. I have to find this place and see the elixir with my own eyes and drink it with my own mouth.

Great Guru, True Guru Nanak Dev jee, the Supreme Being brought me this answer: the last great adventure is to cross the ocean of fire in my mind and to set foot onto God's land - the realm of Truth (Sach Khand). It is their that the undescribale treasure is to be found : the Supreme Being , the Creator Himself. There I was, thinking that I would have to travel thousands or millions of miles when in reality my destination is closer to me than my hands and feet, even closer than the nose on my face! The treasure is the Immortal Being, the map and guide is God's Word : Guru Granth Sahib Jee and I sell myself, as promised, by taking the immortal amrit-nectar from my Guru and promise to obey His Instructions to the letter. The mountains to conquor are the 5 thieves within me (Lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride). The path to follow is sharper than a sword and finer than a hair. I will slip at every step but Guru Nanak Dev jee will catch me as I fall and I will try again and again to follow His instructions to the letter. I will look for the dust of the saints feet so I can follow their tracks, they've already walked this path. The journey is long and difficult, but the rewards are without comparison, the treasure is the discovery of discoveries, the conquest of conquests and the only reason for living.

Good luck.

Harjit Singh

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