Poems on Sikh Spirit

The Game of Love

In the silvery fields by the river-tree
the moon and the stars bowed reverently,
To the songbird Guru singing words from Above,
His heart overflowing with the nectar of love.

The forest flowers yearned to hear the tune,
opening their hearts they offered perfume,
The wind took the scent to the royal seat
And kissed the dust of the Guru's feet.

Then standing humbly with palms together,
The wind spoke sweetly 'O King Forever:
I was the Hurricane causing stormy seas,
But your love changed me into a summer breeze.'

'In front of you I fall to my knees,
You are my world and the seven seas
My eagle-heart leapt from the mountain trees
Night and day searching for your honey bees'.

'In the garden I found them serving you,
they buzzed all day singing Waheguru,
By Your kind grace they became pure and true,
Serving your flowers I bring the scent to you'.

And the Guru King sung God's command,
'Bring your head on the palm of your hand,
Step onto my path and don't look back,
Else your vulture friends will attack'.

Tears streaming down the wind began to say,
'I have no other home or place to stay,
The world is temporary only You are True,
So I desire to play this game with You'

The Guru King hugged him to His chest,
The brave young wind had passed the test,
Five beloved Bees prepared amrit-honey
For the wind to begin his fantastic journey.
The wind soared up to a record height,
And revelled in pure and utter delight

Now controlled by the Guru King like a kite,
And protected forever by the Guru's might.