Poems on Sikh Spirit

Bhai Lalo

Guru Nanak had met
some shady characters
some from better set

in this story
which is to follow
I introduce to you
the good Bhai Lalo

Lalo was a carpenter
his caste was low
he made his living
by the sweat of his brow

Guru Nanak liked him
his honest ways
he stayed with him
for a few days

Lalo's poor house
attracted the crowds
but it was an eyesore
to Malik Bhago the proud

this high caste Khatri
was really angry
at Nanak's attitude
his modus operandi

Malik invited Nanak
to join at his feast
Nanak spurned the offer
to say the least

Bhago's pride was hurt
he could not swallow
being advised inferior
to the low caste Lalo

Malik Bhago insisted
that Nanak retracted
that Bhago's wealth
was fraudulently collected

Nanak asked the two
to fetch their bread
he then performed
this simple act

he simply squeezed
Lalo's chakodra bread
milk trickled out of it
nothing more was said

when Bhago's bread
was likewise squeezed
the gathering gasped
it was blood that eased

Jaswinder Singh Chadha