Poems on Sikh Spirit


Bhai Kanihaya

Yet another battle was fought
in high spirts like the rest
the Sikhs, the soldier- saints
swung into action, full of zest

The dazzle dazed the men deployed
the weapons glared in the sun
the battle cries were deafening
angel of death, hovered on everyone

The swipes of swinging swords
swept swiftly, inflicting fatal blows
the arrows aimed at the enemy
tore through the wanted foes

Dead and the wounded had fallen
as muskets fired the rounds
smoke and dust obscured the vision
heat and blood fouled the ground

Hours later, as the horror settled
the nature was rendered mute
when the peace and quiet returned
the demand for water was acute

Some soldiers had fallen dead
but the wounded needed tending
from the injured and the exhausted
the cries for water were unending

There moved a lonesome figure
amidst the injured and the dead
Bhai Kanhiaya, a Guru's soldier
served water, in this dread

Deftly, the man drifted around
nursing the wounded he was tending
you could see him serve them water
watch him, his tall frame bending

Lost in the love of his Guru
Bhai Kanhiaya served everyone
he served the enemy injured
as he would serve his brethren

Kanhiaya's strange behaviour
was brought to the Guru's attention
when the Guru summoned the man
he showed no fear or apprehension

" I did serve them all," he said
"as I didn't see any Sikh or enemy
all I could see in those faces, Lord
were you, a picture of thee"

The Guru smiled for he was pleased
the burden on his mind had eased
Bhai Kanhiaya had understood
whatever is bad and what is good

Jaswinder Singh Chadha