Poems on Sikh Spirit
Understanding pain but working to support each other
Do not think that you died without hope
Do not consider that there is no light
Do not give up your optimisim
Do not morn alone for your loss.
Sikhs all over the world believe in helping the defenceless
Sikhs have always fought for freedom and equality
Sikhs are against terrrible deeds of mass destruction
Sikhs believe in integrity and honesty.
Lets work together to teach and correct those misled folk
Lets work to show the evil ones that their actions are those of cowards
Lets ensure that we stand united and respect each other
Lets work on respecting each other so that we can all live together in peace and harmony.
Believe that God is one and great.
Savinder S Arora





Riding high on the limpid waves
Rising high on the shimmering presence
Blue waters of white marbled chequers
For the eternal hymns of wayward heart
The golden domes invoking a saffron path.

Novices of thoughts and sunshine abiding
The golden swarms of vibratory atoms
The hush of pilgrims on the circular pitch
Tearing apart structures of egoed ditch.

Give vent to destinations of beauty & liberty
The concerns of soul now past its restrictions
Illuminate a glance bereft of the inner tumult
Saluting the Guru's presence in a silent rebirth.

Durlabh Singh. email: [email protected]



With daggers drawn and swords clashed of steel
With dauntless courage and linked suffering for feel
The merciful warrior forwarded amid fight and pity
For both his friends and foes
Now drenched in bloods of futility.

Frets and fears of egoism now laid aside
His only concern now became
To fight for the liberty of his mind
Not for diversions or for abandoned castled dearth
Not for the prized glory in the eyes of the world.
Driven to edge for his hatred of tyranny
He showered his message of dignity for all sundry
His hand extended for support without caste or creeds
Amid sanctity of sufferings and all hallowed deeds.

Scribing Bachittar Natak his dramatic verse
Wondrous play of nature amid works of divine
Worlds of action or of contemplation
Beyond the little thine or mine
In jungles of Trai & Machiwara his tortures confined.

Here where men hate and taste blood in consummation
Indifference in ignorance of vultured eliminations
Great loss of innocents of his sons he endured
Among bitter smites but his poise he secured
The Sant Sipahi then reluctantly took to his sword
To defend dignity of Hind against marauding hordes.

Durlabh Singh. email: [email protected]