'The one who earns by his own efforts and gives something
out of his earnings in charity has found the way to the Lord says Nanak.'
(Guru I, Sarang Raag : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)
'Finish your task with your own effort.'
(Guru I, Asa Raag : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

Guru Ram Das Jee was called Jetha Jee before he became the 4rth Guru-King. He built the beautiful sarovar (lake) around HarMandir Sahib (God's Temple the Golden Temple). He lived as a married man, he sold sweets for a living and served the holy Sikhs and Guru Amar Das jee.

A little boy sits on his mud house floor,

He cries to God, 'I don't want to weep any more,

My parents have died and left me all alone,

Please dear God cherish me as Your own.'

Day and night Jetha sang God's Name

His soul longed to go back to where it came,

He sung to God, 'How will I meet You,

Please Dear God lead me to SatGuru.'

God is Great and God is true,

God lead Jetha to Amar Das Guru,

Jetha loved SatGuru more and more

SatGuru lead Jetha through God's door.

Jetha was as happy as a honey-bee,

He buzzed around SatGuru devotedly,

Jetha served langar to one and all,

He never made anyone feel tiny and small.

Jetha lived as an honest family man

He worked as hard as anyone can,

His great wife's father was SatGuru

Their youngest son became Arjun Guru.

One year the people suffered terrible pain,

their crops had failed due to lack of rain,

Jetha was given a mission by SatGuru jee,

To build a huge tank and let the water run free,

Where people could bathe in spirituality

And wash away their sinful pains eternally.

95 years old, Guru Amar Das jee

Was greatly pleased with Jetha jee,

Blessing him with the greatest honour

The Guru's throne had a new successor,

The servant of God, Ram Das Guru,

Ever filling human tanks with Waheguru.

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