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Guru Nanak's Jap Ji
A rendering in English Verse
by Jaswinder Singh Chadha
paperback £4.95

A translation of the Jap Ji Sahib with a difference. Written in  modern verse, the translation is easy to read and understand. Also includes original Gurmukhi, Romanised and Hindi texts.

Contact: Jaspreet Singh

Guru Nanak

by Gopinder Kaur and Eleanor Nesbit
published by RMEP 1999
paperback £8.99

This wonderful book is the winner of the 2000 Shap award for religious education, richly illustrated and imaginatively written it explains many of life's searching questions giving examples from the life of Guru Nanak and Sikh teaching.

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The Sikhs
 by Patwant Singh
published 1999 by John Murray Publishers
The history of the Sikhs in one book! Patwant Singh gives a whirlwind tour of Sikh History from the beginning to the present day.




Warrior Saints

by Amandeep Singh Madra and Parmjit Singh
I B Tauris 1999 

A collection of over 100 rare images depicting the martial heritage of the Sikhs spanning over 150 years.

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Sikh Gurus: a poetic appreciation

by Jaswinder Singh Chadha, 
Libroitaliano World, 1999. 

A beautiful collection of poems in English based upon the lives of the Sikh Gurus. A great way to learn about Guru.

Contact: Jaspreet Singh



Spiritual Breeze

Sandalwood Publishing £3

A new journal to be published twice a year with a good mix of contemporary articles and poems and some re-published works and translations. This first issue includes an article by Prof Puran Singh, the famed Sikh writer of the 1930ís; an article about the writings of Bhai Nand Lal; an interview with Susan Stronge, the curator of the Arts of the Sikh Kingdoms exhibition at the V&A museum; articles on Sikh history; two Shabads with western musical notation; and several colour photographs of the Vaisakhi celebrations in India and of artefacts from the V&A exhibition.

Contact: Ranvir Singh



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Shabad Kirtan
with English Discourse
By Onkar Singh and party
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How many times have you sat and enjoyed beautiful kirtan being sung, but when the raagi comes to explaining the lines he is singing, you still donít quite get the gist of what is being said? This CD brings together both beautifully sung kirtan with a straight forward explanation in English, all performed and produced to the highest standards. Highly recommended for all who enjoy kirtan and especially for those whose first language is not Punjabi.

Bani Pro
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Audio CD of Nitnem Banis - each bani split into separate tracks for easy reviewing and studying of pronunciation.