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In the Beginning

Miracles Might Happen

Let the Sunshine In

The Deceiver of Men

Never forget the giver

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'Numerous Ages (each age itself is millions of years) were passed in cosmic darkness. The Supreme Being beyond limit was in trance. In a foggy darkness the sole Lord was settled, unattached. There was no display of action. Thirty-six ages were passed like this. In these Ages all happened as the Supreme Being willed. None his rival, the sole limitless supreme existed then.

In the four Ages (since creation began) the Supreme Being was hidden, but realise that God was pervasive in each being's heart. In each Age the Sole Supreme Being was pervasive. Realization of this comes by the Master's teaching.

By union of the paternal drop (semen) and the maternal blood the human frame was created. By interaction of air, water and fire life was sustained. In the joyous mansion of the body God Himself plays - the rest is an expanse of Maya(Worldy)-attachment. In the circle of the womb, head hanging downwards, the self was in meditation. It knew the Divine Searcher-of-Hearts (God) was it's guardian. Inside the womb the Name Eternal was contemplated with each breath.

The self arrived in the world to achieve the four objectives (prosperity, pleasure, righteousness and liberation). In the house of the Lord's Maya it found abode. In forgetfulness of the Sole Supreme Being it loses the bout. This sightless one has grown forgetful of the Name. Should an infant die its gambols are recalled and men cry calling it a playful child. The Supreme Being ,whose it was, has taken it back. The mourner is misguided. Should any die in full bloom of youth, what may avail? Men wail calling him their own. Those wailing for Maya(worldly)-relationships are lost. The life of such people in the world is cursed. Dark hair are followed by grey. The capital of life is lost without devotion to the Name. Blind man is ruined by foul thinking and wails and cries as if he was robbed. One would not wail if one contemplated the self. This awareness comes by contact with the Master. Without the Master's guidance the doors of ignorance are not opened. Liberation come by obtaining the guidance of the holy word .

With old age the body gets tattered, yet man doesn't contemplate the Lord, the True-Friend. In forgetfulness of the Lord, he departs with a blackened face. Iin falsehood he faces disgrace at the Divine Portal. Forgetful of the Name, the false in heart depart this life (to continue to be) born and to die, ashes falling on their head (symbol of shame). In the husband's home (the next world) they find no abode; in the parent's home (this world) all is agony. Man may indulge in the luxuries of eating, fine clothes and other delights. Yet without having heart-filled devotion his life must end meaninglessly. Such a one doesn't distinguish right from wrong.

What is the way to escape Death's chastisement? Let the God-directed know the right way to engage in action and the way of renunciation and by the Master's guidance know the Divine Reality that pervades the self. Let them not follow the path of insulting anyone. By truth one become pure. Without truth none attains success at the Divine Portal. One robed in the holy Word gains honour. The Lord in His grace grants forgiveness and annuls egoism and pride. Let such a one by the Master's grace realize the Divine Ordinance and know the way of devotion appropriate to each Age. (Guru) Nanak says, by contemplation of the Name attain liberation; The holy Eternal Being is the giver of liberation.'

(page 1026 - Guru Granth Sahib ji)



(If the Lord Wills), He may make the tigers and hawks and kites and falcons eat grass.
And the grass-eating animals he may feed the meats. He may dry up the beds of the streams and flood the deserts. A mere worm he may exalt to kingship and reduce to dust the armies (arrayed against him). All creatures live by breathing; but He may keep one (alive) without breath, if He Wills. Nanak says: As the True One Wills, so man abides.
(Saloks of Guru Nanak Jee - Guru Granth Sahib jee)

Brother, what do you mean miracles might happen and you'll turn to the Guru's path? . . . look at yourself you are a miracle! - A human being - an amazing machine made by the Creative Being (Kartapurakh). I saw a drawing of a baby with the following words of Great Guru Nanak Dev jee: 'Here I am made of the 5 elements and my name is Nanak'. When Guru Nanak Dev jee came into the world He was wonderstruck with what Waheguru jee had made. That's why whenever He met people He always said 'Sat Kartar' (True Creator). And that's why He told us God's name is Waheguru jee ( Wonderful Guru). Being a Sikh is very easy - all you have to do is look around and appreciate the wonder of the Creation and remember how insignificant you are compared to Waheguru jee and just say Waheguru again and again, forever and ever in loving adoration.



'Dwelling on His Name, countless suns blaze in the heaven of my mind
and the darkness of doubt is dispelled from within me.'
(Jaitsri, Guru Arjun Jee : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

Sister, if you were really a lost cause then you wouldn't be a human being. You've done good actions in your last life to become a human. Your actions in this life will determine what you get in the next world.

'Though You have abandoned God, God has not abandoned You.'

(Slokas of Farid : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

Waheguru jee loves everyone, like the sun shines onto all houses everywhere in the world. Its upto you to open the doors to let the sunshine in. If you don't open the doors then Waheguru jee will carry on knocking at your door like the sunbeam- and Waheguru jee will never never give up because no-one is a lost cause. When you decide to unlock the door then you'll need the key of Guru Granth Sahib jee.

'God, whose home is within us, has locked it, but He has left the key with the Guru.

No matter how hard one tries, God is not found except by going to the Guru's refuge.'

(Gauri, M. 5 - Guru Granth Sahib jee)



'Above and beyond the Vedas (Hindu holy books), the Semitic (Jewish, Christian, Muslim) texts and the world of coming-and-going is God. For, the God of Nanak is a confirmed Presence.'
(Asa M. 5 : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

'You are near, far and in the middle, seeing, hearing and creating all by Yourself.'
(Sri Raag M. 1: Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

The Deceiver of Men
and their best friend,
Hidden from view
yet absolutely true :
Wonderful, Wonderful
Far away in space
closer than your face,
Sitting right in you
watching what you do:
Wonderful, Wonderful
The Giver of Grief
destroying your belief,
Yet still loving you
leading you to the Guru:
Wonderful, Wonderful
Your curtain of pride
will be opened wide,
Revealing to you
the Absolutely true:
Wonderful, Wonderful



'He the Giver is forever Alive and Awake.'
(Gauri Bavan Akhri, M. 5 : Guru Granth Sahib Jee)
'God's gifts cannot be evaluated, so how then shall we evaluate the Giver?'
(Gauri Deepaki, M. 1: Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

Guru Nanak jee's path is strewn with flowers and song and is full of the amrit flavour.

A father gives money to his child to go and buy some things. The child meets his friends and tells everyone its his own money and spends it how he wants. Waheguru jee has given us everything we own, our body, our family and keeps on giving moment after moment. The children never thank their Father, the Giver, but fool themselves by saying everything belongs to them - earnt by their own hard work.

SatGuru Nanak Dev jee has been sent by the Giver to make the children understand, to shine a light into the dirt and the darkness the children are living in.

And what does Satguru jee tell us in Jap jee Sahib everyday :

'Gura ik deh buja-ee , Sabna jee-a ka ik data so ma visar na jaa-ee'

'Understand this one most important gift from Satguru jee:

I must never forget the Giver who gives to all creatures'

But what do you gain by Never forgetting the Giver? Well remember the story of Guru Nanak Dev jee working as a shopkeeper, Satguru jee counted out 12 items and on saying Thera (means 13 and Yours) went into a Divine Rapture and sang the song of one word in Divine Bliss:

'Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera Thera '

Why don't you try an experiment - today just see everything as belonging to the Giver. Say Thera in your mind when you see your hands, when you see your wife/mum/brother, say Thera when you see the car, say Thera when you see the sky. When you start worrying about your problems say Thera - ask Satguru Nanak jee take them leaving you to say Thera. Then when the ugly feeling of mineness has left, and you are feeling humble at Guru Nanak jee's lotus feet, then appreciate the Wonderful wonder all around you by singing Waheguru again and again, forever and ever in loving adoration.

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